Stuart Woodham

What a surprise to talk to Marybeth at McLaughlin, easily get appointments for new patients and have a pleasant person doing the scheduling! And an even bigger surprise at the appointments to find such a warm family practice atmosphere such as I haven’t found in any doctor’s office since my childhood. The care was professional, informative and very helpful. Our search for a dentist is over.

Daniel Golder

As someone who has had a lot of dentists, the one thing that sets Dr. Ian apart more than any other is his eagerness to explain procedures in copious detail (if you want him to, of course). He answers questions and provides consultation thoughtfully and respectfully. This isn’t a “sausage factory” practice, so to speak.

If you’ve ever had issues trusting doctors or dentists, or if you just want to know that you’ll receive excellent work and care, front to back, then I couldn’t recommend McLaughlin Family Dentists enough.

Tanner Senter

Dr. Ian explained the cleaning and healing process very carefully and I managed to recover after a few days. I only took/needed one day off of work. The healing took a little more than a week, but was feeling so much better afterwards. I really enjoyed and appreciate all the people at McLaughlin’s! They were simply awesome!

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