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I can’t say enough good things about this practice, that’s how good everything was. I’ve seen Dr. Ian M for the past 8 months as a new patient. He was the 3rd dentist I interviewed and had do a treatment plan; I needed some major work!Dr. Ian handled everything: I did not need a separate periodontist, a separate surgeon, a separate general dentist. He pays close attention to details in his work and all the work has surpassed my expectations. I had 3 extractions and 3 surgical extractions. I had 3 implants (in tricky locations, followed by a bridge and a crown). I thought it would take over a year to get the work done, and it would have been if I had needed to book into separate practices for each specialty. But with Dr. Ian McLaughlin handling all of it I was able to keep booking the next steps in advance saving months!